Why did we start this company?

Because…you need some music right now!

Our software enables you to search, listen, get a price and secure the final music and contracts online without ever talking to a single person. This enables any of us to license music at any time of day.

So you can get music from a place you’ve never even heard of recorded before you were even born!

The request was for 1960’s pop songs that must be sung in German. We sent out an email to 18,000 of our writers, publishers, and labels, within 48 hours the supervisor was able to present the director with an album’s worth of 1960’s pop songs sung in German.

Just in case you thought I brought the music?

During the final mix of a film, the engineer said, “Who has the music for the next scene?” and the composer said, “We are putting a song there.” Then the music supervisor said, “I thought you were going to score that scene?” The supervisor took his laptop into another room and found a piece of music, showed it to the director who loved it and licensed it on the spot. That movie went on to be the highest rated original film for the Lifetime Network and spawned a sequel and a series.

OMG someone is singing along to a song that you don’t have the rights to!

Both the artist and songwriters were very famous and the song had been a huge hit. Some members of our team knew people connected to the main artist and writers and we were able to secure a favorable deal on the publishing along with an artist-owned version of the master.

You need to know what things cost.

We offer free consulting to help you with planning and budgeting. Most of the music in musicsupervisor.com is pre-cleared, so you will know exactly how much it costs before playing it for the director.

All music at film festivals must be licensed.

We secured gratis festival licenses for a project and not only did it win awards at many festivals and secure distribution but it was nominated for an Oscar for Best Screenplay.

Because…great music comes from everywhere.

The Supervisor needed a couple of small cues to finish their movie. One was instrumental music for an Italian restaurant and the other was a football fight song for a transition. We supplied both, one written by a famous LA studio musician and the other by an unknown drummer in Portland, Oregon recorded on a vintage eight-track recorder. They were both paid the same and both got to watch the lead actress in the film win an Oscar for Best Actor.

Because crazy things happen all the time in this business and we all need a little saving.