circelink“Call Him a Thief,” written and recorded by Circe Link, was discovered by George Drakoulias, music supervisor for Blades of Glory using MS-Pro. “Call Him a Thief” sounds similar to the best of Patsy Cline with a dash of Norah Jones, but is definitely in Circe’s own unique style. The song appeared on her second album More Songs from Circe Link. Circe’s five albums to date were produced by Christian Nesmith, a stellar artist, musician and composer who also has songs in MS-Pro.

How did you come to write “Call Him a Thief?”

I was asleep and I woke up with the essence of the song. As I wrote it, I chose the traditional metaphor of the love triangle, a common theme in country music. It’s not about anybody in particular. I just identify with the archetypal motifs, especially somebody you love cheating on you. I write from that kind of place.

How did you find your musical style, especially your traditional country sounding songs?

I just started singing what I heard on the cosmic radio station. I did not set out to have a particular style, it just happened. I hope it sounds effortless, because it really was. I do like the nostalgic style, especially sound of Patsy Cline and Hank Williams. However on my latest records I’m doing some jazz, bluesy Americana and rock stuff & if it sounds good after writing it and recording in the studio, I’ll go with it.

Circe Link held the #1 spot in Jazz on Garageband.com for over two years. She has been an LA Weekly Pick of the Week, and an Amoeba Records “Home Grown Artist.” Circe was also selected by Clear Channel for a national radio promotion called “Emerging Artists.” Besides Blades of Glory, her music has appeared in The Hills Have Eyes. She has had successful tours of Japan, and this summer is part of a Los Angeles Production of the musical, Hair.

For more information go to www.circelink.com or www.myspace.com/circelink.