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MusicSupervisor provides a full suite of Licensing & Clearance services to get you the music you need as quickly as possible

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What we do
  1. Free Project Assessment

    We’ll figure out what your project needs – and we will help you get it.

  2. Guided Searches

    Tell us what music you’re looking for – our music experts will search for you.

  3. Clearance/Licensing

    We can get you music from any music publisher or record label.

  4. Music Supervision

    If you want complete music services, we can music supervise your project for you, including:

    • Help determine the musical tone of the film.
    • Spot script during preproduction for potential prerecords and clearances.
    • Suggest and help with selection of composers.
    • Work with composers directly to ensure a cohesive soundtrack.
    • Search for and help with all source music – major label, indie, or library.
    • Record cover songs, if necessary.
    • Clear and license all songs.
    • Oversee entire music budget.
    • Provide cue sheets and all needed documents for distributor deliverables.

Whatever you need, we can help. Contact us today for a free assessment!

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